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Thread: FreeDB Isn't Working...

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    Default FreeDB Isn't Working...

    On every album I've attempted to use the FreeDB button with, it's come up with "No Album Found". When I do a search my self on that site and it comes up with a page full.

    Also, I've been using Wikipedia alot for my albums and things of those sorts, maybe integrate that so the .nfo could have an easier way to import album information and whatever. Plus FreeDB always comes up with the Genre ROCK, which my whole collection is Hip-Hop/Rap.

    I'd love to continue to be a test monkey for this software, I still have over 1,000 albums to organize so I'm sure I'll be here alot with more errors and bugs I find. I'm also a software engineer as well so I know what I'm looking for and can probably help with descriptions on how to reproduce and/or fix.

    Thank you.

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    Default RE: FreeDB Isn't Working...

    FreeDB genres are a mess. IIRC they only have a handful of genres.

    Check out this post on FreeDB can't find CD - http://cdtag.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=921

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    Default RE: FreeDB Isn't Working...

    Also, thanks for the bug reports. It helps a lot!

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    I don't believe that can be accomplished automatically via CDDB or any similar service. Those services operate by reading/comparing VERY precise lengths of music.

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