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Thread: License Still GPLv2.0?

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    Default License Still GPLv2.0?

    I saw at Sourceforge that IdSharp (old, version had a gplv2.0 license. I was wondering if the same license is still being used and if so, is that "GPLv2 only (incompatible with v3)" or "GPLv2 or later (compatible with v3)". I have written an application that I would like to release with the GPLv3 license. I use a couple other libraries that are only compatible with version 3 of the GPL license.

    I posted in the thread titled "License", but that was from '08 and I thought it might have been too old.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Thank you.

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    Hi FatBat,

    This message got caught in the validation queue.

    It's on GitHub now under the MIT license.

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